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Near Real Time ISS LIS

ISS LIS Near Real Time Latest Browse Image (updated every 2 minutes)

ISS LIS Near Real Time Latest 12 Hour Browse Image (updated every 2 minutes)

Please Note: LIS 12-hour data plots are created using near real-time data. A section of missing data is visible in these plots extending from roughly 60 to 90 degrees E longitude. This gap occurs due to a regular planned loss of signal from the Tracking and Data Relay Satellite System (TDRSS). TDRSS is a network of American communications satellites and ground stations used by NASA for space communications. The loss of signal occurs frequently, but not always. When data are post-processed to produce the final science research quality data, the data near real-time gaps will no longer exist.
Latest Data Date/Time is the start time of the latest 2 minutes data chunk.

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